Maven Corp

Let Life Live

Imagining a better future without exterior forces dictating choices is the key to unleashing innovation.


Let Life Live imagines a future we can create together when we remove force from human interaction; if we drop the chains we have around each other, we can rise higher. Let Life Live focuses on what’s possible: the beauty, innovation and brilliance of life unleashed. Judd Weiss, John McAfee’s choice as his vice presidential pick during his run for the 2016 Libertarian Party’s ticket, leads a team of futurists and visionaries devoted to bringing fresh innovation to our messaging. Judd's Maven channel, revolving around building a more innovative world with less social pressure, will be available for public viewing in 2018.

Judd brought the creative vision to the McAfee presidential campaign: reimagining a bold new approach to political messaging, most notably shown by his ground breaking campaign videos.

Judd ranked among the top 20 Real Estate Agents in the world at REMAX Commercial for multiple years, before leaving to form his own Real Estate Investment Brokerage called Weiss Investment. Judd has launched multiple successful ventures and teaches others the importance of character in developing lasting strong business success.

George Heckman