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Blue Lives Matter

Advocating for law enforcement officers; run entirely by active and retired officers.

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Blue Lives Matter is a media company, founded and run entirely by active and retired law enforcement officers, that will go live on Maven in 2017.

Blue Lives Matter aims to shed positive light on America’s law enforcement professionals to help boost morale within the ranks and gain society’s much-needed support.

The ultimate goal of Blue Lives Matter is to act as a conduit for truth and describe the actions of law enforcement offers in a positive light with no "media spin." Additionally, Blue Lives Matter hopes to assist law enforcement communities across the country with bold messaging and resources to attract new recruits.

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This: "And his audience greeted the message with thunderous applause." There is absolutely no way any police officer with a shred of humanity left inside could support this... still insisting on a "few bad apples" theory? Curious how @The Blue Lives Matter would comment on this?