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Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation

Uniting difference makers to solve scourge of sexual exploitation and violence.


The Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation (CESE) is focused on bringing difference makers toget her to solve and end the complex social issue of sexual exploitation, including the public health crisis of pornography, sex trafficking, prostitution, child exploitation and sexual violence.

CESE unites the efforts of like-minded organizations and leaders across the world in a loose coalition of more than 280 national, state and local organizations that include law enforcement, mental health and science experts, women's rights and child advocacy activists, religious leaders and many more.

CESE's Maven channel will go live in the coming weeks and focus on two primary efforts: to assist individuals looking for help, resources and local organizations, and to facilitate networking and sharing of resources for leaders in the movement.

The Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation is directed by the National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE), the leading national organization dedicated to addressing the intersectionality between all forms of sexual exploitation. Founded in 1962, NCOSE operates on the cutting edge of policy activism to combat corporate and government policies that foster exploitation.